It has been about three years since the word LOHAS had became popular in Japan. Now that it is taking root in society from being just a trend, real LOHAS products and services that support people live with LOHAS values are required. At the same time, CSR management balancing both profitability and sociality is required.

Also, entrepreneurs that are challenging with new ideas and taking LOHAS as a business chance are seeking financial, management and marketing supports.

LOHAS Business Alliance has established to be a platform to fill the social demands as well as a community of LOHAS companies. We hope to contribute to enhance health and earth conscious aspects for a sustainable society through business and by sharing the vision with LOHAS business owners, entrepreneurs and investors.

Five principles of LOHAS company

LBA propose five aspects as principles of LOHAS company

LOHAS value as a corporate mission and acting based on it.

Providing products or services which contribute to customers’ health.

Doing earth-conscious and sustainable activities.

Caring life-balance and QOL of the employees.

Practicing communication that resonate with customers and stakeholder.

LBA regular seminar / all members admitted free

We provide seminar that is aimed to learn and share the advanced cases of members.

Part.1 How to start LOHAS business

We invite business managers of member companies and outside experts to give us a hint about LOHAS business and our director will give a explanation. The theme is about how to add LOHAS perspective to your business, how to develop products and service that LOHAS people will love, how to communicate, etc. We offer work sheet in every seminar for you to write in and know your company’s current status and future direction.

Part.2 How to gain society’s confidence

We provide practical and effective seminar which is easy to practice for both big companies and small and medium companies. Our director and outside experts will teach you themed on developing staff’s skill, decreasing environmental load, etc.

Part.1 Part.2
How to start LOHAS business (1)
Mission statement & how to make business model
What are LOHAS people? What is sustainability?
How to start LOHAS business (2)
Developing products and business category
EMS, reducing CO2
How to start LOHAS business (3)
Creating communication tool
How to utilize media
How to start LOHAS business (4)
Communication with customers - from attracting customers to building up confidence
Building up a relationship with customers
How to start LOHAS business (5)
How to gain confidence from the society - strategic CSR
Social action program suit to your own business

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Mission statement

We contribute to a sustainable society by providing a business platform and community for health and earth conscious LOHAS values.

Logo origin

Colorful flower images inspired by smiling faces represent happy LOHAS life. Five smiling petal flowers stands for five LOHAS categories, as well as the oriental Ying-Yang and five elements, Wood, Fire, Soil, Gold, and Water. The triple ring expresses the “Triple Bottomline” of economy, environment, and society.

Service contents of LBA

Regular seminars, holding social events (5/year), section meeting, holding and coordinating study sessions.
  • Introducing cases from various LOHAS area, holding seminars of key persons from LOHAS area
  • Matching business presentation of entrepreneur and venture capitals
  • Assembling database of entrepreneurs and business cases
  • Business plan presentation
  • LOHAS business plan contest
  • Encouraging company and individual members to work on carbon neutral
  • International alliance with USA LOHAS Forum
  • Supporting Japanese company and Japanese products advancing overseas
  • Matching foreign LOHAS companies and Japanese market partner
  • Organizing and offering LOHAS related Trade shows
  • Organizing and offering campaign that deals with social problems
  • Transmitting information on Website and engaging in educational activities

LBA membership

  • Business owners or persons in charge of the company of LOHAS business and company seriously developing LOHAS business
  • Entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs pursuing to have LOHAS business
  • EVenture capitalists, investors, financial persons who support LOHAS business
  • NPO, NGO that deals with health, environment and sustainability
  • People who want to participate in LOHAS company
  • Consultants, professionals and key persons in all LOHAS area
  • Media of LOHAS area
Membership type

Corporate member A (capitalized at more than/100 million) 200,000 yen

Corporate member B (capitalized at more than/10 million to under 100 million) 100,000 yen

Corporate member C (capitalized at under/10 million) 50,000 yen

Investment member (Investor, Investment company, Investment fund) 100,000 yen

Non profit organization member (NGO) 30,000 yen

Individual member (Entrepreneur, sole business, SOHO) 30,000 yen

International member: $2,000

International associate member: $1,000

LBA members can participate in the programs and can use services below.
  • Free Anniversary of foundation / Annual seminar
  • Free regular seminar (5 times a year)
  • Introducing companies on website
  • Free subscribe for newsletters
  • Courtesy attendance to sectional meetings, seminars and events
  • Discount in placing ads to media partners (will be scheduled)
  • Basic consultation of Japan entry for international members